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Flooring Stores Calgary

Are you having a hard time looking for the best floor types in your area? If you are a resident of Calgary or any neighboring city, there is quite plenty of flooring stores available in different locations. Among these depots is the Deerfoot Carpet & Flooring which offers products such as area rugs, carpet, ceramic, cork, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl. Like any other flooring stores, Deerfoot Carpet & Flooring highlights “Carpet” in its name but it doesn’t mean that it only deals with carpets but also other kinds of floor coverings as mentioned earlier.

For well-experienced floor solution provider, Fitz Flooring is one that should be counted on. Two decades of running the floor industry is evidently a good hint that it is one of the best shops when it comes to flooring. Fitz Flooring offers professional assistance for all floor covering needs, both the product and its installation process with no hassle. It delivers quick process, quality products, and excellent service.

Aside from the two floor stores mentioned above, there are other Calgary Flooring Stores where you can find best deals when it comes to floor solutions.

While becoming interested with floor coverings, let us highlight carpet and its attributes since this is one of the most popular flooring types being utilized in both residential and commercial structures. And among the basic information that one should learn about carpet is the composition and how each kind is unique. Below is a list of carpet types and its elements:

  • Cable carpet - fat, nubby yarns that lend a touch of luxury to a casual setting.
  • Cut and Loop carpet – combination of cut and uncut loops to make a pattern, featuring an explosive number of unique geometric and overall patterns.
  • Frieze carpet – made of highly twisted yarns that give contemporary look.
  • Loop carpet – features continuous uncut surface that resists crushing and matting.
  • Saxony carpet – velvet-like type characterized by soft texture created by tightly twisting yarns.
  • Shag carpet - combines a variety of yarn thicknesses and textures to make a trendy and bold design.
  • Textured Saxony carpet – features tufts ‘bent’ to add texture that reflects light.
  • Velvet/Plush carpet – where carpet pile is cut several times to create a luxurious, velvety sheen that shows every footprint.

After leaning about carpet and its properties, you have then the idea on which type will you choose depending on the area and theme that you prefer. If is not your bet, switch to a harder surface, the tile. Like carpet, tile also comes in various types such as clay and Dura ceramic. With a touch of classy and elegant look, tile brings practicality and beauty.

So whether you go for either soft or hard surface, always remember that the beauty of your home depends on the aura of your floor.